Miguel Sánchez Navarro

In a field where time – and timing – is of the essence, a precise and reliable wristwatch is a vital companion. At least, that’s how professional chef Miguel Sánchez Navarro sees it. We from Chrono Diamond are thrilled and honoured to welcome him as our newest brand ambassador, that he has picked one of our watches to assist him in creating his exceptional dishes.

The young Spanish chef was trained at the heart of the Basque Country in the AIALA school of Karlos Arguiñano. From there, he made his way to the restaurant Akelarre, which currently (in 2019) holds 3 Michelin stars, and later to New York, where he worked for Le Bernardin, Aldea, Marea, Daniel and Lincoln – all restaurants that were also awarded Michelin stars. After this first-rate start into his career, Miguel Sánchez Navarro made his way through Latin America where he was searching for inspiration, new flavors and exciting seasonal products. He was collaborating with local chefs and concentrating on exclusive gastronomic experiences.

Miguel was born into a family where good food was an everyday staple and so his fascination with cooking developed early. Standing in his parents’ kitchen and helping to prepare meals since he was a child, it was clear to him that he would aspire to become a professional chef.

What fascinated Miguel Sánchez Navarro from the beginning – and still does to this day – is that cooking can be exceptionally creative, exciting and new, while at the same time being very straight-forward and depending on traditional techniques that do not change. From the beginning to this day time and heat were, are and will always be essential to the cooking process.

Currently, Miguel is offering different culinary experiences with his newest company: “Cardo”. The food he creates here incorporates the flavours and techniques of his homeland Spain but relies on local and seasonal products, depending on where he is cooking. And that seems to be practically everywhere, because he and “Cardo” are very popular; he was hired for cooking events by Chanel, Food and Travel, MINI Cooper, American Express and Aeromexico, among others.

Miguel Sánchez Navarro is wearing a Chrono Diamond Argos in rosegold.